Stoick the Vast

(How to Train your Dragon 2)

This is another favorite costume of mine. After later modifications it was comfortable, easy to put on and take off, and surprisingly cool at a hot convention.

Materials Used: Fabric, EVA foam, fake fur, Yaki hair, Worbla

This V1 beard is glued to my face. Tearing this off after a 8 hour con felt amazing.

Photo by David Ngo

Photo by Stephen Solid

The first version of the beard was a chin strap with a spirit gummed on mustache. It was...not comfortable.

I later modified it with a mustache and some semi complex elastic so that it will hold in place.

The beard is actually just a simple mesh fabric, with a ton of dirt cheap yaki hair threaded through it. It took a while to get right, but it was never... really right.

The helmet is made of a base of eva foam, with worbla on top of it. This made it a bit too heavy. In the future if I redo it, I'm going all foam.

The horns are foam wrapped in foam and tape and then worbla.

The helmet assembled.

The wrists are some upholstery foam with eva fom on top.

Some spikes were added (next time, foam, these were...spikey) In addition the pieces were covered in synthetic fur.

The wrists were finished with a bit of hand painting to weather and some greenish strips.

The chest piece. I dont' have a ton of progress photos of this part. It's an upholstery foam fat suit with some fabric, fake fur, and eva foam scales and decals.

The first chest piece straps on the back with a couple clips. The chest piece then sits comfortably and is remarkably mobile.

EVA foam scales. These were just hot glued to the fabric

I actually didn't finish the leggings in time for the first con, but had them at later cons, although they were barely visible.

The first version of the boots. They are a pair of old shoes with foam on the bottom to boost my height about an inch. Then wrapped in fabric. It's a lot easier than making your own shoes.

Stoick is a good long term costume. It doesn't actually take up that much space. It's comfortable to wear, and there are still a lot of improvements I can make to it.